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한민족 사회를 퀘벡 주류사회로 이끌어가는 견인차가 되겠습니다.

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정치, 경제, 사회, 문화적으로 퀘벡사회에 큰 영향력을 미치는 한민족공동체를 만들겠습니다.

캐나다와 퀘벡주, 그리고 대한민국 정부의 지원금과 동포후원금을 재원으로 삼아 정치, 경제, 사회, 교육, 문화예술, 스포츠 분야에서 활동하는 퀘벡 한민족 차세대 단체들에게 올바른 비전과 활동 공간, 그리고 활동 자금을 제공하겠습니다.

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Bénévolat Demande / Volunteer Application.

 아동병원 간호(Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants)

 어린이축제 안전요원
(Fête des enfants de Mtl)

(서류번역, 의료기관동행)

(한국어 <--> 불어, 영어)

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World wide :
현재 선택된 언어는 한국어 입니다.


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Happy New Year! Bonne Année! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!


On behalf of the Senate of Canada, my family and staff, I extend my warmest greetings to you and yours as we usher in the New Year. Following on the year of the 130th anniversary of the first Canadians to set foot in Korea in 2018, 2019 is another milestone year that will mark the 100th anniversary of the March 1, 1919 Independence Movement against Japanese colonialism (in which Canadians like Dr. Schofield stood firmly with the Korean people in support of Korea's sovereignty). Throughout the fall sitting of Parliament (Sept-Dec 2018), there were many events, urgent issues and challenging legislative priorities; and our Conservative Caucus in the Senate worked hard to hold the Government to account in behalf of hard-working Canadians across the country. We also packed up our Deputy Leader's Office to move to The (temporary) Senate Building (formerly the Government Conference Centre) for the next decade or more as Centre Block is upgraded and restored. In this new year, my staff and I look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities and welcoming you to our temporary new home in Ottawa.

-Senator Yonah Martin