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SEMINAR:   "Canada-Korea FTA and SMEs"

Date:27th of November 2015
Organizer: East-Asia Observatory (OAE), CEIM-UQAM
Partner: Consulate General of Korea
Venue:UQAM: Room; PK 1630 (201 Av. President Kennedy West, Montreal)

Language: French and English
President: Professor Michele Rioux


The Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement offers interesting opportunities to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of both countries. They can sell directly through traditional channels more goods and services; they can open shops in the partner country; they can use Internet for sales; they could form joint firms. 

Moreover, the SMEs can cooperate to join the global production chains (GPC). The objective of the seminar is to discuss the possibilities of SMEs' cooperation in order to maximize the benefits of Canada-Korea FTA and take advantage ofGPCs, which are rapidly expanding in Asia.

The seminar has two parts. In the first part, there will be two paper presentations, one on Korean SMEs and, the other, on Canadian/Quebec SMEs. 

These papers will put focus on the difficulties the SMEs in both countries have to overcome in the context of proliferating FTAs and mounting GPC. At the same time, the efficiency of public policies on SMEs will be discussed.

The second part will take the form of round-table debate on possible ways of cooperation between SMEs of partner countries. We will see first how SMEs in Japan and Taiwan are coping with the emerging global situation. Then we will see how Korean firms are adapting in Quebec and how Canadian/Quebec firms perceive Korean SME market.


9:00-9:20: Registration
9:20-10:00: Welcoming Speeches: 
       (1) Professor Michèle Rioux, director of CEIM; 
       (2) Son Excellence Ambassador of Korea, Jin Hur; 
       (3) Else Laferriere (Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce)  
       (4) Hon. Senator Yonah Martin (written message)); 
       (5) Representative of Quebec Government (to be confirmed) 
       (6) Kwangil, Kim, deputy director of KOTRA (Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency)

10:00-11:00 Part 1: Presentation of Papers on Korean SMEs and Canadian/Quebec PME
Session Chair:  Mr. Cheolki Yoon
Two Presentations:
       (1) Professor Joseph H.Chung: "The SMEs: the driving force of the Korean Economy": characteristics and weaknesses of Korean SMEs, determinants and strategies of SME development including their integration into GPCs and possibilities of cooperating with Canadian/Quebec SMEs, public policies.
       (2) Professor Jorge Niosi: The Quebec SMEs: Innovation, Export and Growth: characteristics of SMEs, the system of transfer and commercialization of technology, impact on export and growth of the Quebec economy

11:00-11:15: Coffee

11:15-13:00: Part 2: Round-Table Debate
Session Chair:Professor Joseph H. Chung
Table members: (1) Professor Tin Sheng Lin (Taipei), (2) Professor Eric Boulanger (Japan), (3) Dr. Xue Han consultant, SME, China (4) Mr. Jin Kim, President of the Chamber of Trade and Industry, Korea, Asia, (5 Mr. Kwangil, Kim, deputy director, KOTRA (Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency)  (6)Mme Elise Lafrrière (Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal)), (7) representative of Quebec government

Discussants: Professor Jorge Niosi, Mr. Cheolki Yoon, Mr. Florian Gauthier
Topics of debate: strategies of SMEs to maximize the benefits of FTAs and GPCs, difficulties of adaptation to business culture of partner country

13:00-14:30: Closing and Lunch on invitation